Wild Life: The lived experience of artistic creativity


‘Imagine This . . .’ Theatre Performance

‘Imagine This . . .’ is a contemporary theatre performance that explores the lived experience of artistic creativity through movement, sound, speech and song. Structured in 12 vignettes, it draws on multiple performance lineages, including physical theatre, extended vocal technique and contemporary improvisation techniques. The live event is a component part of Angela Clarke’s theatre performance PhD project.

Written and Performed by Angela Clarke
Directed by Kirsten von Bibra
Video Production by Robert Harding
Music/Sound by Myfanwy Hunter
Lighting Design by Suze Smith
Publicity Design: Shayna Quinn

*Music:  Earth Seen from Above from Atlas an Opera in Three Parts by Meredith Monk, performed by San Francisco Symphony Chorus from Voices 1900/2000.  Used with permission.


The following is a series of short vignettes from ‘Imagine This . . .’: