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Wild Life: The Lived Experience of Artistic Creativity
Angela Mary Clarke
A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the Doctor of Philosophy (Theatre Performance) at Monash University in 2017 Faculty of Arts Centre for Theatre and Performance.

Copyright Notice © Angela Mary Clarke, 2017
I certify that I have made all reasonable efforts to secure copyright permissions for third-party content included in this thesis and have not knowingly added copyright content to my work without the owner’s permission.

I would like to gratefully thank and acknowledge the expertise of the following practitioners without whom this project would not have been possible:

Kate Barnett, Kirsten von Bibra, Alice Cummins, Myfanwy Hunter, Suze Smith, Vicky Kappo, Robert Harding, Shayna Quinn, Danielle Smelter, Andrew Tauber, and Kate Tauber.

I am also grateful for the academic support and advice from my supervisors Dr Stuart Grant and Dr Monima Chadha.  Thanks too for the support of my copyeditor Dr Kylie Budge who provided advice on English expression and reference consistency.

I would like to acknowledge the financial support of The Monash University Faculty of Arts, the Monash Academy of Performing Arts, and The Australian Government for an Australian Postgraduate Award Scholarship.

Finally I wish to thank my family Phillip Taylor, Oscar Taylor, Declan Taylor and Teresa Clarke for their constant love and support. 


In Memory of my father Joseph Kevin Clarke who read the poetry of William Blake, Walt Whitman and William Shakespeare aloud at the kitchen table every morning. His question to us was always “what do you think this means?”


List of Figures
Figure 1: Fundamental structure of wild life

Figure 2: Discovery Workshop – Angela and Kate

Figure 3: Initiating sound through the touch of vocal folds

Figure 4: Mouth-anus connection

Figure 5: Working with downward force of gravity

Figure 6: Performing semantic meaning of words

Figure 7: Transitions between

Figure 8: Fingers discover lips

Figure 9: Single loop

Figure 10: Multiple loops entwined

Figure 11: Scaled Möbius loop model

Figure 12: Body-sized Möbius loop

Figure 13: Intertwining

Figure 14: Inviting audience to move
List of Moving Images 
Moving Image 1: Discovery Workshop – Kate & Angela

Moving Image 2: Performance Vignette – Sounding

Moving Image 3: Bella & Central Movement

Moving Image 4: Performance Vignette – Sometimes

Moving Image 5: Performance Vignette – Curious & Closer

Moving Image 6: Performance Vignette – Intertwining

Moving Image 7: Discovery Workshop – Whole Body Sounding

Moving Image 8: Performance Vignette – I AM

Moving Image 9: Performance Vignette – This Bloody Woman Body

Moving Image 10: Inviting Audience to Move

Moving Image 11: Discovery Workshop – Vicky & Angela

Moving Image 12: Performance Vignette – IDEA

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